Empowering Tomorrow: Success of the Re-imagine an Active Future Conference in Prioritising Children’s Health

The Re-imagine an Active Future conference, held on Wednesday 27th March 2024, at Doncaster College, concluded with resounding success, marking a significant milestone in the ongoing efforts to prioritise children’s physical health and well-being.  

Organised collaboratively by Active Fusion, Get Doncaster Moving, Sports Directory, Yorkshire Sport Foundation, and Doncaster College, the conference aimed to empower educators and advocates to foster a more active and health-conscious future for the younger generation. 

The event witnessed a gathering of nearly 100 delegates from diverse backgrounds, all united by their dedication to enhancing children’s physical activity levels and overall well-being. Attendees participated in engaging talks, insightful workshops, and collaborative discussions throughout the day, leaving with renewed inspiration and actionable strategies to implement in their respective fields. 

Keynote speakers at the conference included Major Ros Jones CBE, Olympian Nile Wilson, and Alan Watkinson, the esteemed PE teacher known for his pivotal role in nurturing the talents of athletes like Mo Farah. Their presentations provided invaluable insights into the importance of physical activity in shaping the lives of young individuals and emphasised the need for collective action to instil healthy habits from an early age. 

In addition to the enlightening keynote addresses, the conference featured a diverse range of workshops led by experts in the field. Notable among them was Jill Newbolt, renowned for her multifaceted roles as Upper School Lead, Youth Sport Trust Lead, and PE & Sport Lead. Professionals from the Royal Opera House also presented the Create & Dance workshop, showcasing innovative approaches to integrating physical activity with artistic expression. 

Reflecting on the success of the conference, organisers expressed their gratitude to all participants for their active engagement and commitment to driving positive change in children’s physical well-being. The collaborative spirit displayed throughout the event underscored the collective determination to re-imagine a future where every child has the opportunity to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. 

The Re-imagine an Active Future conference served as a catalyst for ongoing collaboration and innovation in promoting children’s physical health and well-being. As delegates return to their communities and organisations, they carry with them the inspiration and tools needed to make tangible strides towards a more active and vibrant future for generations to come. 

For more information and future updates on upcoming events, please visit: https://www.activefusion.org.uk/conference-2024/