Make an Active contribution

As a small charity with a big impact, Active Fusion relies on the generous support of funders and donors to carry out our work in making sport and physical activity accessible for all children and young people in need.

Your support enables Active Fusion to continue to fight for the power of physical activity and physical education for children and young people.

See below what your donation can support.

Just £10 helps support a child in need to attend a Fusion Camp keeping them fit, fed and safe in the holidays.

Just £25 helps support a young person to access specialist coaching and mentoring support in and outside of education.

Just £50 helps support a young person living in disadvantage to complete a Sports Leaders qualification.


When you donate we use your email address to thank you, and to contact you should we have a query with your donation. Please see our Privacy Policy.

For more information about Active Fusion’s work, and how your donations can support the work of the charity please contact Becky Rose, Deputy Director. / 01302 637276