Georgia’s Story: Comfort in Community Leaders

Georgia found her comfort when using leadership, to develop herself.

Georgia is a good student academically, but she sometimes struggled to focus in lessons and didn’t engage with any extra-curricular support sessions. Her lack of focus in lessons was negatively affecting her lesson output, her grades. One subject that Georgia loved was PE, but she didn’t engage with any sports team within her community. Georgia’s enjoyment of sport was a key reason in her deciding to engage in the Active Fusion Community Leaders project.

During the first few sessions, Georgia could be easily distracted by her peers and struggled to focus when it came to completing her work booklet to gain her sports qualification. One thing that stood out about Georgia was how she enjoyed taking the lead in small group activities and she was always happy to contribute to full group discussions. The tutor of her group was able to take this on board and use it to their advantage when planning each week’s session. The tutor would incorporate learning activities which would help keep Georgia interested and use her strength of leading and influencing others to develop other young people in the group whilst allowing for self-improvement for Georgia herself.  


For a young person who didn’t engage with extra-curricular activities offered by her school, since her starting in April she has only missed 1 session and is up to date with all work tasks associated with her work booklet. She is learning to be a more mature, confident coach and is now teaching her knowledge to her peers.

During her time on Fusion Community Leaders, Georgia has volunteered several times to demonstrate her improved leadership skills by hosting activities on other Active Fusion community projects, such as assisting delivery on Fusion Youth sessions. She also volunteered a whole day of her time to assist with her school sports day in which she completed various tasks and gained more experience in a coaching atmosphere within an education environment.

Since Georgia returned to school after the summer break, she has worked with one of her PE teachers to launch a girls football team and has assisted in both the recruitment of players from her school and the setting up and delivery of sessions. Again, this clearly showcases Georgia’s progress and development into being a more confident leader.

Over a period of 6 months, Georgia has grown to be a successful leader and a better role model through our Community Leaders sessions. We, Active Fusion, want to push to help more people like Georgia, transform something they love into a stable career path – providing them a recognised qualification to work with.

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