Kaitlynn’s Story: Climbing to Confidence

Growth is something the team at Active Fusion monitor closely and value very highly. We strive to help every child and young person to implement development, like Kaitlynn’s.


Kaitlynn recently attended Fusion Camps at Carcroft in the Summer of 2023. Kaitlynn attended the sports summer camp for several reasons, primarily due to her interest in sports and being eager to make new friends outside of school. Kaitlynn has always been enthusiastic about sports and Fusion Camp provided her with the perfect opportunity to indulge in her passion. 

Carcroft Fusion Camp offered a diverse range of sports and activities, catering to the group’s’ different interests. Whether it was football, basketball or hockey, Kaitlynn had the chance to participate in a variety of activities that kept her engaged, excited and helped her expand on current skill set. The sense of progress and achievement was highly motivating for her! 

Fusion Camps aim to promote teamwork and collaboration. Kaitlynn enjoyed being part of a team, working together to achieve common goals, and experiencing the camaraderie that comes with it. This team spirit added an extra layer of enjoyment to her camp experience. 

Active Fusion’s holiday camps provided a unique social setting for children and young people to grow and develop. Kaitlynn made new friends who shared her interests in sports. These interactions allowed her to bond with peers, develop new friendships, and create lasting memories. The camp in Carcroft fostered community involvement by bringing together children and families from the local area. It strengthens community bonds, and the positive impact of the camp extended into other community activity. 

Kaitlynn stood out for her willingness to succeed and her development across the time spent with Active Fusion. The Lead Coach at Carcroft camp, Dawid, told us: “Kaitlynn’s progression has been remarkable! From her first tentative steps on the field to confidently participating in basketball games and leading her team, her growth has been truly inspiring.” 

“The aim of the delivery of the Carcroft Fusion Camp was to provide a comprehensive and enjoyable experience for participants such as Kaitlynn, centred around sports, physical activity, skill development, social interaction, and overall personal growth.” 

When asked to describe Fusion camp in one word, Kaitlynn exclaimed… “Unforgettable!” 


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