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Our campaigns advocate for the importance of sport and physical activity in nurturing active lives, healthy bodies and strong minds.

Here at Active Fusion, our work focuses on keeping children and young people safe, well nourished, active and happy, by supporting children living in disadvantage to access services and support they could otherwise ill afford.

Our mission is to help every child and young person develop positive habits that last a lifetime through accessing sport and physical activity. You can join our mission and make a difference, by joining with us in our campaign today.

The Fusion Movement

The Fusion Movement is our annual charitable appeal that campaigns for sport and physical activity in children and young people’s lives.

Regular sport and physical activity provide significant health benefits children and young people, yet so many do not access the recommended amount of daily activity in and out of school. Here at Active Fusion we make the case that sport and physical activity can play a significant part in improving the life expectancy of our children and young people living in the poorest communities.

With pre-pandemic levels of child poverty, inactivity and mental health issues rising across the region and UK, never before as the time been more critical to delivering change for children.

10 More Years

Too many children and young people, specifically those living in poverty, do not get access to the required hours of physical activity essential to a healthy childhood.

With a reduction in funding, time in education and lack of free provision in communities amplified by the cost-of-living crisis, this situation is exacerbated, leaving many children in situations of physical and mental ill health.

Today, you are part of the first generation in many generations where your own children here in South Yorkshire will have a shorter life expectancy than yourselves. For those living in poverty, the gap is on average closer to 10 years in comparison to the life expectancy of their more affluent peers.

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The Big Fusion Give 2023

The Big Give: Christmas Challenge is an annual match funding campaign which raises millions of pounds for good causes, as well as other match funding campaigns.

2023’s campaign is set to run from 28th November – 5th December.

All proceeds Active Fusion make will be invested into creating a more inclusive community for the children and young people that need it the most.

Active Fusion’s Inclusion service delivers a transition support programme for young people 10-19, offering personal and professional skills development through sports leadership and mentoring for some of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged young people with special educational needs.

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Fundraise for Us

Donate or host your fundraiser and make sure children and young people can access the benefits of physical activity and sport no matter where they live.

Sign up and pledge your fundraising support today! Together we can make a difference.

Please email for more information on fundraising opportunities.

Find out more about The Fusion Movement, emerging Fundraising Campaigns and how you can join the fusion fight for change here.

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