Callum’s Story: Unleashing Potential and Fostering Growth

Crookesbroom Primary Academy, a partner school of Active Fusion, has witnessed the transformative impact of Active Fusion’s school partnership programs on the lives of its students. This story focuses on Callum, a 10-year-old student at the academy, whose journey with Active Fusion’s specialist coach, Daisy, has not only enhanced his physical education skills but has also played a pivotal role in his emotional development.

In September 2023, Daisy identified Callum as a bright and enthusiastic individual with immense potential in both physical education and life. However, it was evident that Callum faced emotional barriers that hindered his ability to fully engage and thrive in PE activities. Callum often found himself overwhelmed by emotions, leading to moments of defeat and withdrawal.

Daisy’s primary goal was to create a safe and positive space within the PE environment where Callum could express his emotions effectively and learn coping mechanisms. Recognising Callum’s needs, Daisy aimed to build a strong and trusting relationship with him, ensuring that he felt valued, heard, and understood. Over the course of several months, Daisy dedicated time and attention to building a foundation of trust and respect with Callum.

She expressed genuine interest in his thoughts and opinions, creating an environment where he felt comfortable sharing his emotions. Daisy’s patience and fairness in handling overwhelming situations made Callum feel secure and encouraged him to open up.

As a result of Daisy’s efforts, Callum’s transformation was remarkable. The strong bond formed between them became a catalyst for his emotional growth. In PE lessons, Callum transitioned from being withdrawn to actively participating in group settings with peers. He gained confidence in sharing his knowledge and opinions, contributing positively to both Daisy and the entire class.

Callum expressed that he loves participating in PE because it energises him while also providing a sense of calmness. He shared that PE serves as an outlet for his energy, acting as a release that helps him cope with emotions. Knowing that he has PE with Daisy motivates Callum to come to school, making it one of his favourite lessons. The emotional support received through Active Fusion’s PE program has not only boosted Callum’s confidence in school but has also positively impacted his overall well-being.

Callum commented, “PE with Daisy has taught me lots of different games and skills which I sometimes go home and play with my family in the back garden. Daisy is super fair and very energetic. If i’m having a bad day, she always let me have a bit of time sat out and then she talks to me about my problems and helps me to solve them. I always look forward to seeing Daisy and she makes me want to come to school.”

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