Branton St Wilfrieds: A School Games Story

Branton St Wilfried’s Primary School recently participated in the School Games Supporting School Sport Leadership booklet, a program designed to empower young students aged 7-11 to become effective leaders within their school community. Branton St Wilfried’s took an enthusiastic approach to this initiative, recognising the value it held for the personal development and leadership potential of their pupils.

The program encompassed a series of sessions where students were equipped with essential leadership skills such as confidence, problem-solving, teamwork, and communication. Each session was meticulously structured to engage students in practical activities and workbook tasks aimed at fostering their leadership abilities.

During the sessions, students were divided into small teams to tackle various challenges and activities. These activities served as opportunities for the students to apply the leadership principles they were learning in real-time scenarios. One key focus was on communication skills, where students explored both verbal and non-verbal forms of communication, understanding their significance in effective leadership.

Teamwork and problem-solving were also integral components of the program. Through exercises like the “Cross The River” challenge, students collaborated in small groups to devise strategies, enhancing their ability to work collectively towards common goals. These activities not only honed their problem-solving skills but also instilled in them the qualities of good team players.

Moreover, the students were introduced to the unique sport of Kin Ball, which not only served as a fun activity but also provided a platform to further explore and apply leadership skills. Analysing their performance in Kin Ball, students identified and reflected upon the skills and qualities they exhibited during the game, deepening their understanding of effective leadership in action.

Towards the culmination of the program, students were encouraged to consider how they could contribute to their school community by supporting activities during lessons and lunchtimes. This aspect aimed to instil a sense of responsibility and proactive engagement in the students, emphasising their role as leaders within the school environment.

Branton St Wilfried’s School Games Supporting School Sport Leadership initiative proved to be a resounding success, equipping students with invaluable leadership skills that extend far beyond the realm of sports. By fostering confidence, problem-solving abilities, teamwork, and effective communication, the program empowered students to emerge as capable leaders poised to make positive contributions within their school and beyond.

For schools interested in participating in the School Games program, we encourage you to reach out via email at Discover more about this transformative program and unlock the leadership potential within your students here.