Apprentice Blog: Cameron’s Progress

We’ve recently taken on board a new group of apprentices who are doing a great job teaching and supporting the delivery of Physical Education in schools across Doncaster and South Yorkshire.

Apprentice Cameron is recording his progress as an apprentice at Travis St Lawrence CE Primary School each month. This is how he’s got on so far.

“For this past month I have been able to take on more responsibility than I originally thought I could before starting this course. Instead of shying away from the action, I have confidently asserted myself  into positions that allow me a greater role in PE. This is thanks to having such great support from the teachers who are willing to listen to my ideas and provide me with feedback.

“Planning and organisation have been difficult for me in the past, so I wanted to push myself into something that required a heavy amount of it. Through this I have seen my organisational skills improve and as a result, I have created much better environments for teaching and learning in PE. 

“Something I have learnt through October is that consistency is key when teaching. This could be the methods I use to deliver, or the way I present myself to the class or behaviour management. Consistency has enabled me to build a rapport with the students and in turn, lessons have become more enjoyable all round. I find myself looking forward to teaching more and more, especially when students ask if I am teaching PE that day.

“It has been a brilliant month and the enthusiasm that comes from the students’ is inspiring me to keep going. They are my biggest critiques and if they are enjoying it, then I can wholeheartedly say that I am too.”