Active Fusion Named Charity Of The Year 2023

Active Fusion recently scooped up the prestigious award at Doncaster Business Awards. 


On a night filled with celebration and recognition, Active Fusion emerged victorious as they were named the Charity of the Year at the prestigious Doncaster Business Awards 2023. The event, held at Doncaster Racecourse, brought together a plethora of esteemed businesses and organisations from the Doncaster community. 

Active Fusion, a local charity dedicated to enhancing the well-being and development of young people through physical activity and education, expressed deep gratitude for the honor. The charity was thrilled to be among such a talented group of finalists, each contributing significantly to the betterment of the local community. 

The Charity of the Year award is a testament to Active Fusion’s commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of young individuals in Doncaster. The charity’s tireless efforts in promoting physical activity, education, and overall well-being were acknowledged by the judging panel, highlighting the charity’s integrity and intent. 

During the awards ceremony, Active Fusion had the opportunity to showcase the incredible work they do and the difference they make in the community. The charity’s representatives articulated the vision, mission, and values that drive their initiatives, emphasising the importance of fostering a healthy and active lifestyle among the youth. 

The accolade is particularly meaningful for Active Fusion as it underscores the unwavering support they have received from the Doncaster community. The charity expressed gratitude for the collaborative efforts with local businesses, schools, and individuals who have played a pivotal role in the success of their programs. 

Active Fusion’s Director, Lindsy James commented on the achievement, saying, “I feel humbled and overwhelmed with gratitude for the recognition of Active Fusion winning this award. We showcased to the judges the difference that we make to the 1000’s of local children and young people. Our passion, integrity, intent and our efforts were acknowledged and rewarded on the night. This achievement would not have been possible without the unwavering support of our funders, donors, supporters and the successful partnerships we have developed over many years.” 

The Doncaster Business Awards 2023 provided a platform for businesses and charities alike to be recognised for their outstanding contributions to the local community. Active Fusion’s recognition as Charity of the Year serves as a testament to the charity’s meaningful work and the positive change it brings to the lives of young people in Doncaster. 

Learn more about Active Fusion’s work and their impact here.