Why Partner With Us

As a South Yorkshire wide charity, we offer the chance to change the lives of children and people in local communities, local to your business.

Every year we help more than 35,000 children and families across the region. Our services provide support direct to children. We ensure they are fit, fed, safe and happy, whilst developing a love for physical activity that in turn helps to improve their mental health and develop skills for work and life.

We have been the trusted partner for many brands, both big and small over the years. Our amazing partnerships have helped us reach more children faster and have had an impact in so many ways.

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Invest In The Community

Funds we raise through Corporate Partnerships are reinvested back into the charity. This helps us to have real impact on the lives children and young people, so that they can be the best they can be.

Active Fusion can help you meet your organisation’s needs with bespoke partnership and sponsorship opportunities. Align your brand with quality and innovation, increase your visibility by speaking to our beneficiaries, community and high-level donors and engage your people through our tailor-made staff wellbeing packages.

Stand Out

Position your brand alongside the work of Active Fusion. Our services and programmes are packed with creativity and are accompanied by dynamic PR opportunities featuring our coaching and mentoring team, extensive publicity and active social media campaigns, perfect for highlighting your brand with ours.

Good For Business

Supporting charitable activity simply feels good to do. The way you as a business deliver your CSR strategy can also help you to attract staff that share in your values to support social good and in turn help you recruit the best workforce!

Investing just a few hours a year in staff volunteering schemes can help improve employee engagement and performance, just by creating the space for them to donate time to the causes they care about.