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Executive Headteacher of the Corpus Christi Federation, Damien Thorpe, shares his views about Active Fusion’s work.

Become an Active Fusion Partnership School

Work with us to help your school become more physically active.

Let our experts improve the quality of Physical Education and increase the confidence of your staff who deliver it.

Join us in changing the landscape of PE in school

Offer your pupils quality PE to kickstart their active lifestyles and create a healthier future.

Would you like to drive forward physical activity and education in your school? Then we are here to help!

Become an Active Fusion Partnership School
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Do you believe in helping children flourish?

By becoming an Active Fusion Partner, you will lead with this belief and we’re here to help you make it happen.

Physical activity can improve confidence, happiness and the well-being of every pupil involved. Check out some of our stats below:

Children Aged 3-16yrs


Active Fusion has engaged more than 27,000+ young people to enable them to live more active lives.

Working with Families


Active Fusion have worked with 40+ families 1on1 to help them become active together.

Skill Development


Active Fusion has helped develop life skills, such as confidence and resilience of 2800+ young people.

Active Teacher Training


Active Fusion has spent 4,000+ hours training teachers to be more confident leading PE.

Active Lifestyle Mentors


Active Fusion have trained 1600+ young people and adults to mentor others to be active.

Teacher Feedback


100% of teachers who took part in Active Fusion training said they saw an increase in confidence and a high level of pupil engagement.

Who are Active Fusion.

What next?

Once a suitable membership has been confirmed, one of our expert coaches will aid you in delivering physical education focusing on the development of the ‘whole child’ and not just their physical capability.

We strive to teach Physical Education in a way which nurtures cognitive, social, emotional and physical skills.

As part of your membership, your school will have access to leadership programmes for children to take part in, building them up to a point where they can hold their own physical activity sessions during school time.

Your pupils can also take part in external events ran by us. For more information on these events and how to book on, please click here.

What are you waiting for? Offer your pupils quality PE to kickstart their healthy lifestyles.
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PE Apprenticeships

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