60 Active Minutes

We aim to maintain and grow school engagement in the School Games and their delivery of 60 active minutes. Your School Games Organiser can support your school to provide more opportunities for your students to become more active as part of the school day. The Government recommends children and young people should be active for at least 60 active minutes each day! Working with your School Games Organiser they can support your school by sharing ideas and good practice to help your school provide more opportunities for your pupils to be active. 

How active is your school? 

There are many different interactive tools in place to help your school map how active your school is and where you could possible provide more opportunities. Using the FREE Active School Planner tool you can: 

  • Look at where and how your school is increasing physical activity and reducing sedentary behaviour in pupils.
  • Find guidance and best practice to continue to make improvements.
  • Provide reports as evidence to show how you are using Primary Sport Premium Funding to improve health outcomes for pupils.
Need support? 

If you would like support to get your school more active please email: