Employ a Level 2 Sports Activator Apprenticeship


Recruit a Sports Activator apprentice to work in your school four days a week, with one day a week spent completing the Level 2 qualification with the Active Fusion apprentice tutors.

Duration of apprenticeship – 13 months

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Roles and responsibilities:

Enhance the reputation of your school by demonstrating your investment in local talent. Apprentices can support with PE lessons, assessment and School Games Mark applications.

Apprentices can create additional capacity within your staff team to deliver more physical activity in and out of the curriculum.

Gives you the potential to offer wrap around care. Compliment your team and increase pupil engagement.

Support your school at events, trips, residentials, and intervention groups both in and out of PE lessons. Offer more opportunity for children to meet the 60 minutes per day of physical activity target.

COVID-19 – A key worker to support you with social distancing, assist with sanitising equipment, support smaller groups, create social distancing physical activities.


Attract the best candidate – Choose from a selection of young people to meet the needs of your school. Employ your apprentice – Pay your apprentice the apprenticeship wage (30 hours per week).

Mentor – Assign a member of staff in your school to develop the apprentice.

Training – Allow your apprentice to complete the L2 apprenticeship seven hours per week with Active Fusion.

Nurture – Train a young person and see them upskill your existing staff, raise morale and improve productivity.

Make the apprentice part of your team – Put the apprentice at the heart of your workforce.

Benefits of employing a Active Fusion apprentice



Support your faculty.



Increase pupil engagement in physical education.



It's cost effective to employ an apprentice.



Help deliver the recommended 60 mins a day physical activity.



Support the mental health and wellbeing of children.



Help increase staff capability.

Do you already have staff members who would benefit from this professional qualification?

Ideal for Teaching Assistants and other school-based support staff already working in a Physical Education and school sport setting.

Enable them to further their professional development and gain an additional
professional qualification within the delivery of PE and school sport.

Specifically designed to provide a greater understanding of programmes of study for PE, the national curriculum and the environment in which they currently operate.

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